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International Festival of Educators

Подведены итоги Международного фестиваля деятелей образования

The First International educators' festival was held in Moscow from 20th to 23d  August. An intensive program when educational events were running in several parallel flows could be rightly compared to a month training course. Almost two hundred participants met together to share ideas and experience. The range of participants was diverse: school teachers, university professors, authors of innovative courses and textbooks, educators of all levels and ranks. More than two hundred educators across the country and abroad could participate in the festival through broadcasting which was provided by the Institute of Informatics and new educational technologies of Russian State University for the Humanities and Company "Firmbook".

 Pavlovskaya gymnasium became an educational platform of the festival and its copartner as well. It gave a unique opportunity to educate and inspire the participants with ideas in a new school year.

  "The idea of the Festival, Cocreation and Collaboration, is very familiar to us”, - said Olga Ragozhina, the Principal of Pavlovskaya gymnasium. “There are lots of enthusiasts, who want to develop themselves and improve educational environment around. I am very glad that there are so many active people in our profession".

Why such events as International Festival of Educators are efficient to professional development? Well-known expert in creativity development, Dr. Edward de Bono, explained it this way: "Such kind of festivals is an open space for thinking and creativity, especially for parallel thinking, which surprisingly strengthens the cooperation of people when they work on common goals". His lecture aroused great interest of the audience when he was speaking about the Six Thinking Hats method. Other foreign speakers were Rebecca Mieliwocki from the USA, the National Teacher of the Year 2012, Anna Schepanik  and Irineush Kozak from Poland, the authors of preschool children’s project  "Little Europeans", Gregoriy Gromyko from Germany, a pair learning supporter, presented a palette of modern ideas that advance education in all its levels.

Russia was represented in the Festival by the Principal of the Moscow Center of Education № 686, Sergey Kazarnovsky, the Head of the Laboratory of Educational Technologies,  Anatoly Guin, "the mad professor" who promotes science through physical experiments, Nicholas Ganaylyuk, the creator of “drama hermeneutics”, Doctor of Education Vyacheslav Bukatov and the Principal of Yekaterinburg gymnasium "Coryphaeus" who carries out educational project “Skolkovo school” in the Ural region, Aleksey Babetov. Pavlovskaya gymnasium staff presented its view on the lesson as an exciting event.

The festival summarized the results of the Second tournament of teaching teams. More than 230 teaching teams from 55 regions of Russia had been creating various educational products during last school year. 24 teams that reached the final were to reflex on their coworking. According to the Festival participants’ voting, there were five leaders: "Dream Team" from Kemerovo region, "The Pearl" from Saratov region, "Libertalia" from Orenburg region, "The Fifth Element" and "TOGIStki" from Primorsky Krai.

It was raised over 1 million rubles to held the Festival. With the support of Russian Labor Union of Education and the League of Education a lot of participants received financial support to pay for accommodation and travel costs.

"The festival has become a true example of self organization of educators who are not acting on the orders, but on their own free will. The ideas of openness and cooperation are still in demand. People sensitively distinguish between real and fake things”, - said the General director of the League of Education Sergei Safronov.  For example, the speakers were recognized as masters of the profession by the participants, who signed their diplomas in token of their complete mastery.

Will the festival be held next year? According to the poll, 96 % of participants answered to this question as "would like to participate”!

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